I thought this article about companies closing stores in 2010 was worth mentioning. Especially noteworthy is the fact that Blockbuster made the list; not because it’s a surprise, but more because of the giant Netflix ad bordering the story. The 300 pixel-wide tile jumps off the page, in the process metaphorically crushing Blockbuster’s mention “below the fold.”

I recently returned to Netflix after cancelling the service a few months ago. At the time I got rid of it, I was convinced it was an unnecessary expense.

In the time without Netflix, I still had movie needs. Those needs found me going to Blockbuster to rent movies at least twice a month. At $4.99 a rental, and a minimum of two movies per visit, two trips a month to Blockbuster cost me at least $20. That ended up being more–sometimes much more–than Netflix’s monthly fee for unlimited, two movies at a time. The math, coupled with common sense, led me to reactivate my Netflix membership.

While I haven’t exactly been tearing through the red envelopes since rejoining Netflix, I haven’t been visiting Blockbuster either. I was right about carrying an unnecessary expense; I just had assigned the blame incorrectly.

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