@%&! The profanity blog (thanks, VP Biden).

Vice President Joe Biden kicked up a***storm this week when he congratulated President Obama on the Health Care Bill by saying off-microphone, “this is a big ******g deal.”   

Problem was, that microphone was a **mn powerful mic.

The press, needless to say, was all over Biden’s comment.  To wit:

“Biden expletive on Par With Party Atmosphere” (Fox News.com)
“This is surely a high point in Biden’s long history of verbal gaffes.” (Huffington Post)
Show me the sweetest old lady on your block, and I promise you that she’s deployed the “F Bomb” in dozens of creative ways.  Profanity exists everywhere, and is uttered by everyone.  Ironically, ours is a culture that has so demonized “bad words” that we have to feign shock and outrage when people use them in public, even when it’s done casually and without malice.  
With the exception of those words born of hate and intolerance, profane words are…just words. Silly words, mostly.   Most of the “body part” words are really funny,when it comes right down to it.  A******?  Hilarious.  D***?  Classic.  
I understand that some words sound more violent and/or distressing, as in the case of Biden’s naughty utterance and various words relating to excretory function.  But what of those words that are screaming to be declassified?  What about hell, for instance?  Hell is the biblically-understood last residence for sinners,the final stop of a connecting flight from Vegas.  But is it really profane?  
Along the same lines, I feel thes ame way about damn.  Once Tommy Shaw and Ted Nugent formed Damn Yankees,it was all over.
I’m guilty of swearing a blue streak from time to time.  I like the way a well punctuated “F bomb”sounds after a string of more advanced wordsmithing.  I enjoy piecing together two or more “bad words” to form a compound super-profanity.And, no, I don’t think it’s a big f****** deal.
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