Argo Tea: The Response

Yesterday, I got an email response from Argo, which they kindly allowed me to reprint here.
I thought they handled the response beautifully.  Credit to them for wanting to manage this message, and for acknowledging the (often dismissed) world of new media.

Here it is (unedited)…

Hello James!

First, thanks for dropping by Argo Tea to pick up one of our tea-based beverages in an attempt to sooth your throat. However, we couldn’t help but feel the need to craft a response after reading your article “Argo Tea and other caloric criminals.”   

We’re a little disheartened to hear that one serving of our large Green Tea Ginger Twist could catapult Argo Tea to the front ranks of nationally infamous calorie crooks such as Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and (horrors!) McDonald’s. Green Tea Ginger Twist, in particular, is a bit high in calories due to the addition of sweetened ginger puree. A large takes 2 shots of ginger puree (compared to 1 shot for both small and medium), significantly impacting the overall calorie, carb and sugar contents of the drink. Out of over 25 Signature Drinks at Argo Tea, only 5 clock in at above 300 calories at size medium or larger. We also offer over 30 varieties of loose leaf teas, which are all 0 calories and 0g of carbs but full of healthy antioxidants, vitamins and minerals! While a 300 calorie beverage is certainly nothing to sneeze at, we also believe our customers should have the option, from time to time, to treat themselves to a sweet, delicious and perhaps slightly indulgent cup of tea. We certainly don’t feel comfortable with our all natural, tea-based and cane sugar-sweetened Signature Drinks being lumped in with Dunkin, et al’s 400-800 calorie, (possibly) artificially flavored, sugar and fat behemoths.    

“But,” you may say, “I had to go online to find the nutritional information.” Yes, it’s true – but we’re changing that soon! We have redesigned our menuboards to include caloric information for all of our drinks; these new menuboards will launch in stores by the end of the month. Additionally, we’ve made caloric information for our food and pastry items plainly visible on the tags displayed in our pastry case. We believe taking these measures only enhances the “Argo experience” for our customers by allowing them to more easily choose items that fit their dietary needs.

We hope your throat has gotten better, though we’re disappointed our Green Tea Ginger Twist could not help out in relieving the situation. For sore throats, we also recommend Carolina Honey (240 calories for a large), or a custom brewed cup of loose leaf Green Tea Ginger Twist that can be enjoyed unsweetened (0 calories at any size!) or with a dollop of honey. We hope you give us the chance to serve you again, convert you back to tea and get Argo released from the calorie clink!

Much Regards,

Mika Ishida

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