Top 6 Chicago Movies

Chicago Magazine released their “Top 40 Movies Filmed in Chicago” a few months back. As is the case with any itemized pop culture list, it would be impossible for people to universally agree on its contents.



With that in mind, their list got me thinking about my own favorite “Chicago” movies.

Here are my top six. I originally published this as a “Top Five” list, but realized that I mistakenly listed six instead of five, numbering two entries as “four.”  It’s early on a Saturday; mistakes happen.

Here goes:

1.  The Blues Brothers


The quintessential Chicago movie.  I saw it when it first came out, and it left a big impression on my then-very young self.  The movie had everything: Aykroyd and Belushi in their can’t-take-your-eyes-off-of-them prime, deadpan humor, classic R&B, prisons, car crashes, and Carrie Fisher with a rocket launcher.  The scenery is 100% Chicago and totally time capsule-worthy. 


2.  The Fugitive

“I didn’t kill my wife!”
“I don’t care!”

Harrison Ford does a phenomenal acting job as “The Fugitive” races through Chicago locales at a breakneck pace–especially considering his character spends most of the movie not actually talking.

Long before Roland Burris controversially replaced Barack Obama in the U.S. Senate, he was making a cameo in this movie’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade scene.


3. The Sting

Paul Newman and Robert Redford are effortlessly cool in this classic caper flick set in ’30s-era Chicago.  And that Scott Joplin soundtrack?  Awesome.


4. Mean Girls


Leave it to Tina Fey to capture the raging bitchiness of Chicago’s North Shore. 

Lindsay Lohan is a delight to watch as she navigates through the social byways of high school.  Many of her struggles in Mean Girls reminded me of the class structures and struggles of my own freshman-senior year experience.  Go Indians.

5.  The Negotiator

Kevin Spacey and Samuel L. Jackson, two of the most kickass actors in the history of kickassness, star in a hostage movie set mostly in a tall building on Wacker Drive.  Plot holes: Many.  Me:  Don’t care.


6. The Omen II



The antichrist is back, and this time he’s in puberty.  In a rich Chicago suburb, no less. 

Chicago’s City Hall doubles as Thorn Industry’s HQ in this creepy sequel.


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