Interview-Brian Godleski of the Avengers Assemble Webisodes

Avengers Assemble is my latest obsession.  The fan-created web series is a smart, funny, geek-friendly, delight.   

Each new episode finds Marvel Comics’ legendary super-team (Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel) addressing social and political issues in the quote-unquote “real world.” The results are hilarious and totally quotable.

Making the webisodes such a delight is the obvious fact that everyone involved has devoted a great deal of time and attention to the “little things,” from fan-friendly easter eggs to accurate and mostly-plausible costumes.  

I’ve been enjoying the Avengers Assemble webisodes so much, I hunted down Brian Godleski (Tony Stark/Iron Man/head writer) for an interview.  The complete audio can be streamed below:

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