I Want to Draw a Cat for You: Interview with Steve Gadlin

Groupon featured the most insane, inexplicably WTF, products ever on their site last Tuesday: original cat drawings from iwanttodrawacatforyou.com.

The idea was so ridiculous, so completely ludicrous, that I had to surrender $3 of my hard-earned money for a cat picture of my own.

The premise is insultingly simple.  This guy, Steve Gadlin:

draws pen and ink pictures of cats to order.  He normally charges $10 for a picture, making the $3 Groupon deal a relative bargain. A few weeks back, my wife mocked me for buying the American Apparel Groupon.  She was right to mock me, of course; I mistakenly assumed that the store had to have something I’d be willing to wear.  I had no idea that most of the men’s clothing was totally not for me:

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 9.27.05 PM

The American Apparel deal still fresh in her mind, she couldn’t believe I paid money to have something like this drawn for me:


I fell for the goofiness of the idea, and instantly wanted to learn more.  I contacted Steve through his website to interview him, and the unedited audio can be streamed here.

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