Stealing Florence: How I Made Tyler’s BBQ Sauce

We had my parents over for Christmas Eve this year, and I was in charge of the menu.  For ease, flavor, and comfort, I chose ribs for the entree.

Specifically, I went with Tyler Florence’s “Ultimate Barbecued Ribs,” which I’d made once before to great success.  The complete recipe can be found here

My gas grill bit the dust this summer, which means I have no choice but to contain all my cooking indoors.  Florence’s ribs are as good as oven-cooked ribs can get, and the homemade sauce is better than most of the sauces you’ll find on the shelves of your local Jewel or Trader Joe’s.

Should you try to follow the recipe, know three things:

1. The sauce is sweet, and without kick.  If fire is what you’re after, add your standby spices to the round of ingredients that includes the preserves, paprika, etc.

2. Remembering how much I liked the sauce the last time I made it, I decided to make a double batch this time around.  A simple doubling of all the ingredients yields the same flavor.

3. Tyler Florence is insane in thinking that the ribs should only cook for two hours.  Start checking at two and a half hours, and plan for three.

The only true work in preparing the ribs is creating the sauce, which is simple enough for even the most kitchen-challenged of my friends.  The work is justified from the very first step:

Fresh thyme bundled in bacon.  Anything wrapped in bacon is a bundle of joy.

Here are the ribs in their pre-sauced, let’s-jump-in-the-oven, naked, glory:

And the finished product:

Within 15 minutes of serving, I walked back to the kitchen with plates of picked-clean bones.  
It was a Christmas miracle.

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