“First Time: First Car” Video

I had a blast last night. CHIRP put together an absolutely stellar, top-flight, event, and I was honored to be part of it.
There wasn’t a dud performance on the bill. Everybody on stage positively killed. I’m still chuckling about Robbie Fulks’ tale of wandering the East Coast while waiting for his van to get fixed.

Extra credit goes to Steve Frisbie, Liam Davis, and Gerald Dowd for learning, mastering, and rocking each performer’s song choice. I especially loved what they did with my selection, “Is Your Love Strong Enough,” by Bryan Ferry.

It was fun catching up with old friends last night, and making new ones (I could’ve easily closed the bar with new pals Tony and Anna, but that would’ve crippled me at work today).


The ubertalented Felix Jung captured my entire set on video, and wrote about it on his excellent Avoision blog.

Please note that I said some NSFW words while on stage.  If you’re watching while at work:  1) Get back to work, you’re not getting paid to watch videos; and, 2) Turn the volume down.

James VanOsdol – The First Time: First Car from Felix Jung on Vimeo.


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