Caffeine Withdrawal

I collect sinus infections like baseball cards.

This past week, I got the sinus equivalent of a Gordon Beckham rookie card: young and full of potential. That potential has been realized, as I’ve spent most of the week dealing with skull-crushing headaches, laser beam-like pain aimed at the backs of my eyes, and general fatigue.

Add general body pain from shoveling my way out of an alley yesterday, and I hurt everywhere. Because of that, I didn’t think twice about an intense headache that flickered like my Toyota’s hazard lights throughout the morning.

But then, minutes ago, I had my first Diet Coke since Monday afternoon. Suddenly, my headache doesn’t feel so bad. Suddenly, all is right in the world. Suddenly, I realize that the headache had nothing to do with sinusitis: It was due to lack of caffeine. Some might say that this is a sign to lay off coffee, Diet Coke, and the like. I say it’s a sign that I should never again allow such a length of time to pass between drinks.




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