The Self-Publishing Chronicles: Part Three

Because I have absolute control over Off the Record Collection, I don’t have to adhere to a deadline or strict timetable to get it into production. It’s both a luxury and crutch.

Life got in the way of progress this month, and my efforts all but stalled as I was otherwise distracted by family and work commitments (happily distracted, I should note).

While it’s true that I don’t have to worry about a deadline, I feel a bit sheepish about the fact that things haven’t progressed much in the last 30 days (my last blog entry on this topic was from 2/26/11).

Here’s the latest:

Cover art

My talented cover-artist friend remains committed to creating a cover for the book.  Problem is, inspiration hasn’t hit him yet.  I’m more than happy to be patient…especially considering my recent pace.


One celebrity has committed to blurbing the book, and I’m still waiting on response from others.

Manuscript and rewrites

I’m never totally happy with anything I write, something that’s especially true with OTRC, a collection of previously-written material.  I’ve been fussing with the copy during odd free moments, rewriting some of the contextual
frameworks which set up different stories, pieces, and observations.

Haaf-Onion Omnimedia

My publishing imprint has a starter web page, which is screaming for content.  I’ve yet to start mapping out what sorts of things to include there.

to be continued


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