The Self-Publishing Chronicles Part Four: Are you famous? Do you like music?

The blurb solicitation process for my self-published book, Off the Record Collection: Riffs, Writings, and Rants about Rock is moving slower than I’d like.

I’d love to have a few more celebrities provide a one or two-line summary to include on the back cover, but I honestly don’t know any famous people. Because of that, the solicitation process has been a series of “cold call” emails that have led to dead ends.

I’mshamelessly opening this up for “crowdsourcing” assistance. Who do you know? Does he or she like music? Does that person think favorably of D.I.Y. efforts? E-mail me if you know someone who might be interested in helping out.

What’s in it for you if you help me find someone who provides a blurb for the finished book? A “thanks” in the Acknowledgment section, a handwritten letter of thanks, and a CD or two from my home library (I’ll take CD
requests and try to honor them).

Thanks for reading this!


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