The Self-Publishing Chronicles Part Five: Additions and Waiting

Back in January, I fully expected that Off the Record Collection would be published by now.

Here are the (as far as I know) only things left to finish:

My manuscript is in the hands of a few celebrities (or at least celebrities to me). I’m waiting for them to finish reading the book and then provide me with blurbs to use on the back cover.

Because of a few recent events, two sections of the book required updating and additional context. I added roughly 750 words to the overall manuscript in order to bring those topics current.

The added copy also required that I reformat many of the pages so that text started in the
proper place. Since I can do it myself, I would never pay someone (e.g. CreateSpace) to format my book, but I sure do see the appeal in handing the work over to someone.

I’m still waiting to see whether or not “my guy” can do the cover. Once the cover art is complete, I’ll be dangerously close to the finish line.

To be continued…


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