The Self-Publishing Chronicles Part Six: Cover Me

I’m so close…

Off the Record Collection is just a cover away from being ready for consumption.

I hit a setback this week when my cover designer backed out of the project. I kinda saw it coming, though out of respect for him, I didn’t really strategize a “plan B.”

I’ve had a few friends and acquaintances offer to help, but I wanted to take a day or two to
seriously consider what my next move is. Cover art influences book sales, so figuring out the design is something I don’t want to breeze through.

Making the situation a bit trickier is the fact that I have no budget for this completely D.I.Y venture (though if promotion
and in-book advertising can be considered commerce, I’m loaded).

I have two general image ideas for the cover, but I’m in no way married to them. A true designer, especially one who understands best practices for artwork like this, may have a much more creative and informedopinion.

To be continued…


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