The Self-Publishing Chronicles Part Nine: Almost There

As I was grinding my way through a typically nasty Friday rush hour commute home, I got an email from my friend John Tomkiw. John generously designed the cover and jacket for Off the Record Collection, and he attached the final version of the artwork for my consideration.

As I got cut off, middle fingered, and generally delayed on the Kennedy, I was beside myself; I couldn’t wait to get home and open the PDF attachment.  Once I finally made it, I darted from my car to my house, dropped my messenger bag by the front door and raced to the computer. The jacket  design exceeded my already-high expectations. It was perfect.

In the time between that moment and right now, a lot has happened.  I’ve ordered a proof copy for Tuesday delivery and made some final cosmetic tweaks. Operating under the assumption that I won’t find anything horrific in the proof, I’ve set a release date of June 7 for both the softcover and Kindle versions.

A few notes:

My friend Patrick was the first to recommend that I record an audiobook version, and the idea makes sense. Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources (time, money, facilities) or bandwidth to properly get that done.

e-Book formats
I spent a lot of time this weekend trying to format my book for Smashwords, the preferred ebook conversion service (it’s free!). The work required to make the document ready for conversion was mind-numbing and fairly difficult, even with a detailed “how to” guide.  I like the idea of Smashwords, but the process turned me off.

Additionally, the only e-publisher Smashwords doesn’t have a direct relationship with is…you guessed it, Kindle. I tried to format the book for Kindle, but got so frustrated that I decided to pay $69 to have Amazon properly format the book for distribution. The way I see it, I’d rather not spend all week struggling with and working on the conversion. That effort would end up costing me more in time and hours than it would to simply front the 69 bucks.

To be continued…


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