Best Songs Ever #1: The Babys “Isn’t It Time”

I’ve never been able to sit down and toss off a list of my “Top Ten” favorite songs. My favorite songs vary depending on my mood and environment, and are more frequently defined by my whims. There are a few songs that I consider more dependable than most, however, and deserving of special acknowledgement here in my blog.

One of those songs is “Isn’t It Time,” by the Babys.  Forget the rest of John Waite’s oeuvre (there’s no need for anyone to ever have to suffer through Bad English or “Missing You”), this song is all you need to know.


“Isn’t It Time” starts with a tentative piano plinking under a contemplative Waite who muses, “Falling in love was the last thing I had on mind … holding you was the warmth I thought I could never find …”  Seconds later, the song’s momentum charges up as the backup-singing Babettes make their presence known. Acting as the angel and devil on Waite’s shoulders, they nudge him along with a synchronized reading of his inner thoughts: “sitting here all alone … whether to go on alone …” .  “Isn’t It Time” then explodes in a contained, 70’s AOR, sort of way, as the Babettes take center stage, Waite wails, and horns blare.

After the explosion hits, Waite ends up back where he started, contemplative over a piano, considering his next relationship move. The momentum ramps right back up, and Waite’s quiet inner thoughts again explode with Babettes and horns punctuating the moment. It’s a formula that enjoyably repeats throughout this once-popular and currently-dismissed gem.

Listen for yourself:


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