Mistakes in OTRC: The list

I’ve made no effort to hide the fact that my book is self-published. In Off the Record Collection‘s introduction, I acknowledge that despite my best efforts, there may be errors (spelling, grammar, and formatting) found within. Astute readers have already pointed some out, and I feel the need to acknowledge them. In the spirit of full disclosure:

I’m having daily panic attacks now about grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Seems like every time I pick the book up, I’m noticing some minor fuck-up or another.

-The A Perfect Circle interview is a disaster. Apparently back in ’03, I hadn’t yet learned that punctuation goes inside quotation marks. Worse, I completely glossed over it while editing the book in ’11 (pages 23, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30).

-Also in the A Perfect Circle interview, I forgot to italicize Mer De Noms on page 23.

-I forgot a line break on page 134.

-One of the last things I wrote in the book was a wrap-up of a wrestling-related wordplay piece. In my writing and proofing, I overlooked the fact that I wrote “couldn’t put it down” and “can’t put it down” really close together. It reads as very sloppy (page 160).

-“…my friends and I.” This is one of my serious grammar mental blocks. Since childhood, I’ve always managed to fuck this one up. If it’s not used as a subject, it’s “my friends and me.” I made that mistake on page 17.

-Page numbering. The numbering on the right side pages should be right-justified. I went through two proofs without catching that.


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