Best Songs Ever #2 – Sisters of Mercy “This Corrosion”

Sisters of Mercy were always kind of silly; but then again, the same could probably be said about goth.

Exception: Death, from Neil Gaiman’s world of Sandman.

With only three studio albums and a smattering of non-album singles to their credit, Sisters of Mercy carved out a (dark, lonely) place in music history with their ultimately danceable, hazy, bleak, odes to existential despair (“Black Planet,” anyone?). Joy Division gets a lot of credit for charting modern goth’s course, but the Sisters kept the movement riding on track. Floodland(1987) is the strongest full-length from the band, its centerpiece being the 10+ minute epic, “This Corrosion.” Most songs that last over 1/6 of an hour are a grind to listen to; “This Corrosion” is a rare exception.
Enjoy the gloomy baritone of frontman Andrew Eldritch, the ever-present backup chorus of singers, and a hook that you can’t not sing along with (“hey now … hey now now… sing this corrosion to me…”).

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