My last days in radio (for now)

(Update 6/10/11)-

I spoke too soon. My final day is tomorrow, June 11.

tick … tick … tick …


I’ll be off the air for good-ish on June 12.

After working two jobs for the past two years, frequently on a seven-day schedule, something had to give. That something? My part-time gig at Q101.

I’m grateful to the station for welcoming me back; even more so to anyone who was generous enough to listen, comment, call, SMS, or tweet nice thoughts my way over the past two years. Thank you.

On my first day back, Tim Virgin and I both had a laugh when I said, “we are living proof that a person can be unceremoniously shitcanned by a major radio station one year, and enthusiastically welcomed back only a few years later.”  If Tim were a little league dad or if I were a strip club enthusiast, we’d probably hang out every day.

Speaking of Q101’s airstaff, Electra’s clearly one of the “good ones” in radio. I’ve only seen her twice since I came back, but she’s become one of my favorite Twitter pen pals. #sherocks

I want to also recognize the other world-class disc jockeys I’ve worked with over the past two years: Pogo, Dana, JP, Chris Payne, Jaime Black, Jen Jameson, Erik, Kevin Manno, and Sherman & Tingle. My interactions with each have kept my enthusiasm for radio high, even as the industry’s will to live has at times seemed suspect.

This move leaves me gone, but hopefully not forgotten. I’ll still be active on this blog site and Twitter. If I can ever get my shit together, I’ll also start podcasting again.

James VanOsdol
Chicago, IL 6/4/11


If you miss me already, don’t forget that  my book is now available on Amazon…


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