Q101: the Book

This was a helluva week for rumors/facts/talk about Q101.

Officially, all we know is that the station has been sold to a new company called Merlin Media. Unofficially, the press has been reporting that Merlin will take the station in a new direction once the transfer is complete.

Because radio station sales rarelynever leave stations in the same state they were in once new ownership takes over, conventional wisdom says that Q101 will be lucky to see Lollapalooza this year.

If Q101 does change format (to repeat, nothing’s been officially announced), I felt it important to preserve the memories of the station while they’re still fresh in the minds of the people who’ve worked there over the past 20 years.

My idea? A written history called Smells Like Rock Radio: an Oral History of Chicago’s Q101 (1992-2011). The story of Q101 will be told by the air personalities, Program Directors, Music Directors, General Managers, and behind-the-scenes support staff who launched, evolved, and sustained the station over the years. To make the book a reality, I’ve taken the idea to Kickstarter for crowdfunding help.

If the station had not been sold, I never would have thought to write the book. There would be no immediate (or real) need. Once I saw the Sword of Damocles hanging over Q101’s head, however, I felt like I had to do it. The memories of the station should be scrapbooked and preserved in a radio time capsule.

This is no small project to jump into, and it will likely take two years to finish and release it from the moment I begin work. Regardless, I stand ready to take it on.

If you’ve ever listened to the station, please consider pledging. Note that you won’t be charged unless I hit the goal amount.

Want to help the cause? Link to the project from Facebook or Twitter. Better yet, drop this HTML badge into your blog:


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