Q101 book: FUNDED

It’s official! My next book will be a massive one, and I have the generosity of strangers to thank.

Here’s a seriously abridged version of the update I posted to “Backers” of my Kickstarter project site only moments ago:


The pledge window just closed, and Smells Like Rock Radio has been officially, successfully, funded. In this (choose one: terrifying/frightening/distressing) economy, I’m grateful for your generosity and willingness to be part of the

The process could take 12 months. It could take 24. All I can promise today is that I won’t rush things or cut corners. I want this book to be great, and I’m going to take the appropriate amount of time to ensure that it will be.

So that you don’t get bored along the way, I’ll post updates here and to my blog (jamesvanosdol.com). I’ll probably ask for feedback and advice throughout the process, too.  Here’s my first feedback request: Smells Like Rock Radio was a working title I hastily created so that I could put a name on this project. If you have a better idea or recommendation, I’d love to hear it: email james@jamesvanosdol.com.

I’m headed off to bed. I’m going to need as much rest as I can get so that I can prepare for the work ahead!

I’m very excited to write this book for you. Thanks again for making it a reality.



July 22, 2011




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