Captain America: Ten Things You Should Know

1. There’s a slow build up to Steve Rogers’ transformation into a super soldier, and then into the costumed Captain America we all know. This focused commitment to storytelling (over action for its own sake) lasts for half the movie.

2. …and then, the second half haphazardly rushes to catch itself up.

3. The movie’s ending isn’t explained very well, and you’d have to be familiar with Cap’s comic book adventures to understand exactly how he ended up where he did.

4. Easter eggs are there if you look hard enough, including one that works both as a nod to WWII-era Timely Comics and Chris Evans’ comic book movie past.

5. The cross-referencing of other Marvel movies is done with finesse. Captain America successfully ties in elements of Thor, The Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man.

6. Chris Evans is just okay in his portrayal of Steve Rogers and Captain America. Both characters are meant to serve as inspiration to all those around them, but Evans lacks the charisma needed for us to truly feel it.

7. Tommy Lee Jones, in his role as Colonel Phillips, is a real highlight. With humor and machismo, he steals every scene he’s in.

8. Hugo Weaving is a solid Red Skull, though I think reviewers have been overly kind to his performance merely because it was much better than Evans’.

9. Yes, you need to stay past the credits. The ending’s been online since last week, but try not to spoil it for yourself.1

10. Where does Captain America fall in line with other recent comic book flicks? Ranked “best” to “least best”:

  1. Thor
  2. X-Men: First Class
  3. Captain America
  4. Green Lantern

On a somewhat-related note, the trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man rolled before Captain America. As much as I want this to not be true, I think it looks like a disappointment. I’m not interested in another telling of his origin, and I’m definitely not interested in a grittier, darker, take. I blame you, The Dark Knight.


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