Progress Report and a Momentary Mekons Distraction

Work on my next book has kept me busy around the clock. Here’s what I sent to Kickstarter backers last week:

<<Hey, and good morning …

I listened to Midnight Oil for my first time in years on my way in to work this morning. A lot of their output sounds awkwardly dated at this point, but damn it all if “The Dead Heart” isn’t an incredible song.

That aside, I wanted to let you know how things are moving forward with the Q101 book you so generously backed.

As it stands, I’ll be deep in the interview process for the next four months or so. I have a total of over 100 people to talk to in order to properly write this book, and have been averaging about five interviews a week since the beginning of August. Surveying my spreadsheet this morning, I still have dozens of interviewees to contact, and dozens more
to slot into an interview time. This is not a quick process.

My current schedule has me trying to conduct interviews every weekday — one during my lunch break at work, and another after the kids go to bed at night. Simply put, whenever I have free time.

The interviews I’ve done thus far with former disc jockeys, talent, Program Directors, and General Managers have been eye-opening, candid, and hilarious. I think you’re going to really enjoy the finished product.

In case you missed it last week, Time Out Chicago ran a cover story feature of a “book preview” I wrote for them. You can read it online here:

On the “rewards” front, with the exception of two backers who’ve yet to respond, I’ve sent out all the rewards that I could mail prior the book’s publication. The remaining rewards are specific to the final release.

If you’re an essay-writing backer, I’ll likely reach out to you towards the new year with guidelines and deadlines.

Thanks again for your support and enthusiasm. Hope you have a great weekend!>>

As work continues, I’ll make a concentrated effort to continue plugging new thoughts and observations into this blog. For now, all I can offer is a Mekons song that got stuck in my head over lunch:



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