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I went out for dinner at Dos Diablos(the most metal-named Mexican restaurant ever) with a friend on Wednesday night.  Over fish tacos and molten salsa, we got to talking about pet peeves.

My previously-documented, primary pet peeve is tailgaters. Seriously… fuck those guys.  My list of irritants doesn’t stop with them, though. As our dinner progressed, my friend and I talked about our shared disdain for serial interrupters. You know the type: conversation bullies who approach communications with a competitive edge, talking loudly over all others until they’ve wrested full control over the conversational flow.

I most often see this behavior in the workplace (radio meetings were the worst–imagine being in a room of hyper-competitive, smartypants disc jockeys), but it exists everywhere, from family gatherings to happy hours (sometimes the same thing). No one’s thought, opinion, or one-liner is so important that it needs to step on or dismiss another’s. Wait for a natural break, show respect for others, and quite simply, shut the fuck up.


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