Guest hosting on the LOOP this weekend

I swear I’m done with radio, and have no plans to return in a part- or full-time capacity again. I am, however, open to the idea of popping on the air every now and then, just for fun.

This Saturday night, I’ll be doing just that. The Loop is focusing on the 90s all weekend, and wanted to address Q101’s demise in some way. They asked me to host three hours of “alty” hits, and share memories about the artists I’ll be playing. If nothing else, it’ll be a curious distraction from Led Zeppelin and Rush for the station.

Everything’s been prerecorded (taken care of on my lunchbreak today, in fact), but hopefully it will still have that awkward “live” feel you’ve come to love over the years.


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2 responses to “Guest hosting on the LOOP this weekend”

  1. Ben says :

    What time does this come on!?!?!?!?!?

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