About being on the Loop tonight …

Oy. Somehow this became a *thing*. It’s not. I pretaped a handful of song intro/outros for the Loop to run during a one-time-only, three hour, show that will air during their 90s weekend. Why? The station thought it would make sense to acknowledge Q101’s role in the 90s landscape in Chicago.

This isn’t an experiment or anything more than what it appears to be on the surface. It’s a way for the station to generate some interest during a listening period when ratings are owned by other stations playing holiday music. That’s it.

There’s nothing to see here. Move along.


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One response to “About being on the Loop tonight …”

  1. ChicagoRanter says :

    That is very disappointing to hear 😦
    We were hoping that it was a kind of ‘trial run’ to bring back Q101, as Chicago is the third largest city in the country and does not have a contemporary alternative rock station. Nothing to appeal to the several-million strong demographic of 15-50 year olds that do not listen to classic rock or lady gaga.

    Either way, great hearing you on the radio again, check out my piece on it:

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