Podcasting: Brooke and Jill are back, and more broadcasters will follow

I just noticed this morning that former colleagues Brooke and Jill have resurfaced as a team after over six years apart, co-hosting a new podcast.

For years, podcasting was dominated by amateur broadcasters, some of whom managed to achieve a certain level of success and gain a nice-sized audience for their efforts. With radio providing maddeningly less opportunity for talent to stretch out (to say nothing of providing less jobs), I anticipate many more professionals making a move to the world of RSS syndication.

Podcasting can be a fairly thankless medium. There’s a lot of effort required to get a podcast off the ground, and there’s a great deal of commitment required to grow and market a show. This is why you frequently see startup podcasts fade away: the hosts have a difficult time continuing a show when the rewards don’t immediately present themselves. The rewards are possible and real, but definitely not immediate.

I’m podcasting again, but I don’t think of it as a new thing. I prefer to say that I took a four year sabbatical. On a related note, this week’s planned interview with Michael McDermott has to be rescheduled for later this week, due to the fact that he lost his voice after pushing it to the limit on New Years Eve.

Good luck, Brooke and Jill.

And good luck to you, should you choose to go down this path.


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