Butch Walker interview: New episode posted on the Steve Dahl Network

Butch Walker is one of the hardest-working guys in entertainment. He’s a successful solo artist, producer, author, and subject of a new documentary. He’s also a humble, congenial, funny guy to talk with.

On the latest episode of the James VanOsdol show on the Steve Dahl Network, I talked with Butch about his latest album (The Spade), the pervasive influence of Dexy’s Midnight Runners, his role as producer for the likes of Fall Out Boy and Pink, the Metallica factor in documentaries, his new autobiography (Drinking With Strangers), the first Kiss album he ever bought, and how Matthew McConaughey ended up in the video for “Synthesizers.”

The episode can be found here.

For more on Butch:
Website http://www.butchwalker.com
Documentary http://butchwalkeroutoffocus.com/
Autobiography http://www.amazon.com/Drinking-Strangers-Lessons-Teenage-Bullet/dp/0061787310/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1329078745&sr=8-3


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