Casimir Pulaski Day

Today is Casimir Pulaski Day. Even though it’s been over 30 years since the holiday was first officially observed in Illinois, I still couldn’t tell you who Pulaski is or why my kids aren’t in school today.

Illinois isn’t the only state with obscure regional holidays. Alabama celebrates the treasonous leader of the Confederate army, Jefferson Davis, every year in June: “Hey, Clem! Sure does suck that slavery didn’t stick. Whatdya say we crank up ‘Simple Man’ by Skynyrd and remember our man J.D.?”

Up north, Wisconsin celebrates women’s suffrage every February with Susan B. Anthony Day. Remember the dollar coin from 1979? This is just like it, only in holiday form.

The stomach flu-sounding Evacuation Day is coming up on the 17th in Massachusetts, celebrating the removal of the Brits from Boston during the Revolutionary War. Consider the fact that Evacuation Day lands on St. Patrick’s Day … in Boston.

For your Pulaski Day enjoyment, “Casmir Pulaski Day” by Sufjan Stevens:


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