Soundtrack for Chicago’s Freakishly Warm Weather

I drove into the city southbound on Lake Shore Drive this morning around 7 a.m. To my left, the sun was coming up over the lake; above me, the sky was cloud-free. The true, proof-that-we’re-hurtling-towards-the-sun, warmth of the day was still a few hours away from kicking in, but you could tell that it was coming.

The city felt alive and conquerable in the waking hours of the workday; it made me feel like the bullshit of everyday life was beatable. When faced with a morning like that, it’s critical to pick the right band to use as the soundtrack. My choice this morning is one I strongly recommend to use yourself the next time a day like this presents itself: Sam & Dave.

It’s the horns, the bare-bones production, the keyboard … the vocals. Sam & Dave is textbook mood elevation music. For the 20 minutes or so I was stuck on the Drive, I rolled through “You Got Me Hummin’,” “A Place Nobody Can Find,” Hold On, I’m Comin’,” “Wrap It Up,” and “I Take What I Want.” I swear it changed my outlook for the entire day.

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