The iPad 3 is here

The new iPad hit stores today, carrying the same bank account-upending price tag as its version 2 predecessor: $499 to $829.

I bought the iPad when it first came out less than two years ago. The price tag was tough to choke down then; in fact, I still can’t believe I spent that much money on it. Like a lot of people I know, I was able to get over my sticker shock because I had become so smitten with the device (as recounted here). Over time, my interest waned a bit, especially once I realized that reading books on an iPad wasn’t a terribly comfortable experience. To that end, the old-school Kindle, for its size, weight, and indoor/outdoor readability, has a lock on that particular user experience. Don’t get me wrong–the iPad’s still cool and a great way to consume media, but it’s not as critical to my daily life as I once imagined it becoming.

So, what to think of the new version? It has a fancier camera, which is said to be a big improvement over the camera introduced with the iPad 2. It also has an HD screen which is supposed to blow minds/melt faces/insert radical, body-altering, metaphor here. The problem is, after buying one iPad, there is no justification on earth (other than insane, uncontrollable, wealth) to buy another one. The price is just too high. Kindle Fires, on the other hand, have a much more “replaceable” price point.

I can’t imagine what a future iPad would have to include in order for me to consider spending that much money again, short of it being able to drive my car or babysit the kids. Until that point, I’m a v1.0 guy.


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