Dystopia 2012: The Hunger Games vs. The Lorax

Two of 2012′s big releases, The Hunger Games and The Lorax, happen to be dystopian features based on well-read stories.













Though they target very different audiences, both movies have a lot in common. To help you determine which is more worthy of your time, I offer the following direct comparisons:


The Hunger Games
The government forces two children from each district to fight each other until one survivor is left standing

The Lorax
The government has its citizens under constant surveillance

Winner: The Hunger Games



The Hunger Games
Teenaged combatants fight in a synthetic environment

The Lorax
Entire environment is synthetic

Winner: The Lorax



The Hunger Games
Based on a young adult novel

The Lorax
Based on a children’s book

Winner: The Hunger Games



The Hunger Games
The female lead and the boys who love her are all very good looking

The Lorax
Main character is cute to look at, though it has Danny DeVito’s voice

Winner: The Hunger Games



The Hunger Games
Mature voice of experience provided by Woody Harrelson

The Lorax
Mature voice of experience provided by Betty White

Winner: The Lorax



The Hunger Games wins. On a related note, the book totally lives up to the hype. The trilogy spirals down after that, however. Quit while you’re ahead.

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