The Dora movie that’s screaming to be made

As a parent, I’ve sat through plenty of television shows and movies which have stripped me of my will to live. From the still-hairless four year-old Caillou, or the dullard aardvark Arthur, these shows have been a challenge to routinely watch.

Phineas and Ferb, of course, kick ass. Ferb plays Teller to Phineas’s Penn beautifully. I also love the Super-Hero Squad, which I’d probably watch even if I didn’t have kids.

One show that I never enjoyed was Dora the Explorer. I appreciate the fact that my kids have learned what estrella means in English (that would be “star”), but the show is essentially humorless. Any cartoon that features a talking monkey should be piss-your-pants funny.

Finally, the Dora I’ve always wanted has been made real (click the image to go to the video):


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