Chicago White Sox vs. Chicago Cubs

Last night, I stood on stage at Skokie’s Backlot Bash, waiting for the mic to be turned on so I could introduce the Fixx. As I paced the stage, a guy directly below me looked me in the eye and yelled “BOOOOOO.” I walked toward the edge of the stage and said, “What’s your problem?” “You’re wearing a White Sox shirt,” he said. “I’m a Cubs fan.”

I was surprised–though I shouldn’t have been–that an absolute stranger would heckle me from less than five feet away because I support a hometown team who also happens to be the number one team in the American League Central Division.

You see, I think the whole Cubs/Sox rivalry thing is ridiculous. I don’t love the Cubs, but I don’t hate them simply because they’re not the Sox. As I type this, the Cubs are less than ten games away from elimination, following Houston’s trailblazing lead out of the season. The Cubs sucked this year, and the subject really isn’t up for debate. So then, what do Cubs fans do now that all hope is tabled until 2013? Apparently throwing their attention to the other Chicago team is beneath them.

I’m really hoping that the Sox get to play baseball in October this year (related: it would be great if Detroit started losing some games). Once this year’s over, I’d love it if the Cubs would break the seal and finally win another freaking World Series. It would be great for Chicago. It might also take the edge off some of the anti-Sox sentiment floating around the Greater Metropolitan Chicago area.


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