Recommended Music: Giles Robson and the Dirty Aces

Crooked Heart of Mine, the debut release from UK-based Giles Robson & the Dirty Aces, was probably the album I played most in 2012.

On the album, Robson manages to build a forward-facing new template from a mix of Chicago blues, British blues-rock, and scrappy, street smart folk (if there is such a thing). In short, everything on the album sounds familiar, but strangely–and wonderfully–modern. It rocks, too.

I’m anxious to hear what’s next for Giles, and hoping he finds a way to make it to the States in ’13. In the meantime, he’ll be joining me for my podcast on January 16.

Find Giles and the highly-recommended Crooked Heart of Mine on iTunes here. If you’re not ready to commit to the full album, I recommend buying “Twenty Gallons of Muddy Water,” “Magic Tricks,” and “The Mighty Incinerator” a la carte. The brief instrumental “Solidor” always sounds good when I’m driving at night, too.

Here’s the video he made for “The Mighty Incinerator”:

Here’s a bootleg video of Giles & the Dirty Aces backing up Mud Morganfield (Muddy’s son). Giles totally wails on the harmonica:



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