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People who don’t understand–or want to understand–Twitter write the social platform off as a place where people post pictures of food they’re eating.

That’s obviously ridiculous and belittling. Twitter’s also a place to tell dumb jokes, which in my case find me blending two disparate proper nouns into an entirely new one.

Last night, I decided to launch into a few by creating the hashtag “retailrock.” My first entry was Mighty Mighty Hugo Bosstones, which was quickly followed by LMFAO Schwartz, Burlington Fear Factory, and more.

Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 9.16.00 PM

The hashtag took off pretty fast, and within minutes many smarter and funnier people were cracking me up.

Dag Juhlin, of Steve Dahl Network fame, gave me the biggest laughs with “Bed, Bath & Beyonce” and “L.L. Cool Bean.” I also really enjoyed “Toys R Kelly,” tweeted by one of the Score guys. There’s a lot of great stuff to scroll through–just type #retailrock into the Twitter search bar.

I got inspired to do it again tonight, but stopped myself just before I pulled the trigger. Too much for one weekend, I decided–instead, I decided to collect my latest thoughts into this blog post.

Here goes … #IllinoisRock

  • Aretha Franklin Park
  • Bjorkville
  • Buffalo Springfield Grove
  • Culture Club Hills
  • Darien Rucker
  • Gurnee Taupin
  • Napervillage People
  • Northbrooks and Dunn
  • Peotone Loc
  • Sly and the Family Stone Park
  • Bruce Springfield
  • System of a Downers Grove
  • Keith Urbana
  • Ron Woodstock




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