Stop Mispronouncing These Five Words

After hearing Steve Dahl do a victory lap around the correct way to say “GIF” this week (I was right there with him), I wanted to address a few more problematic, mispronounced words:

1. Sherbet. There’s no second “r” in sherbet. Go to your local grocery’s freezer section if you don’t believe me. There’s. No. Second. R. It’s “sure bit,” not “sure Bert.” This one’s been pissing me off for years.

2. Asterisk. It’s “asterisk,” not “asterik.” Pronounce the second “s,” dumbassterisk.

3. Jewelry. Jewel-ry. Not “jewelaree.” I’ve got to think that Gregg Helfer’s got my back on this one.

4. Often. Saying “off-ten” doesn’t make you sound more intelligent or erudite. Lose the “t.”

5. Illinois. You’ve got this one down, right? Good. Now can you help out the folks in the other 49 states?


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2 responses to “Stop Mispronouncing These Five Words”

  1. Sharon says :

    James, I wholeheartedly AGREE with all of these ESPECIALLY the word ‘jewelry’. Makes me crazy when people say jewlary. One question, though: for Illinois – which is it that makes you nuts? Pronouncing the s or pronouncing it as if it’s spelled Ellinois? Just wondering. Even our own illustrious governor pronounces it Ellinois. Drives me nuts!

    • administrator says :

      I originally wrote about Illinois thinking about the added “s” sound, but you’re right — Ellinois is a killer.

      Thanks for commenting–sorry I just now got around to adding it to the post.

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