More Mispronounced Words

Just over a month ago, I went off on a handful of words that shouldn’t be mispronounced. Since then, I decided to toss up another group of five annoyances, starting with a phrase:

1. For all intents and purposes. It’s not “for all intensive purposes.” Saying it that way basically means “all really intense purposes.”

2. Library. Liberries are things you can find at the Farmer’s Market. Libraries have books.

3. Athlete. Two syllables are all you need for this word. Saying “Ath-uh-lete” sounds stu-oo-pid.

4. Ku Klux Klan. When talking about hooded racists, be aware that there’s no “L” in “Ku.”

5. Espresso. I hear espresso referred to as expresso every day. There’s a Starbucks on every corner in America (except for the Wisconsin Dells, where there’s either a go-kart track or motel on every corner)–you’d think the repetition of seeing the word espresso everywhere would have long since put an end to this.


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