Joblessness: The first 24 hours

I got fired yesterday; it sucked. There’s no way to positively spin the experience (and thanks to my previous career in radio, I got to experience that life-changing trauma two times prior to yesterday).

That said, the first 24 hours of unemployment are always kind of thrilling: I can go to the pool next week! Dozens of friends and strangers are calling and emailing! I don’t have to wake up at 5 a.m. unless I want to! In the past, those emotions have tended to quickly segue to nerves, fright, and occasional terror. Not this time around.

I’ve been given the gift of being able to push the “reset button.” I’ve already reconnected with a few long-time friends and a handful of network acquaintances. I also made an overture to a company I’ve had a crush on for quite some time. My attitude is upbeat because it should be upbeat. I’m in charge of what comes next, and it’s going to be spectacular.

So how did I spend my first full day as a member of the unemployed masses? I bounced around the burbs with family and friends, including a lunch stop at Real Urban Barbecue in Highland Park (their burnt ends: Oh, sweet Jesus). Tonight, I emceed an English Beat concert, which resulted in Dave Wakeling shaking my hand as he walked on stage saying, “Thanks, that was a really great introduction.” How bad can things truly be?


Since I’m on the topic of jobs, here’s my LinkedIn profile. Let’s be LinkedIn buddies!


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