Band Overviews in Haiku

Earlier today, a friend asked me to summarize why I liked the band Rush so much. I found myself pulling out hackneyed rock-critic jargon and bloated defenses that fumbled out of my mouth and fell right on the floor. I was trying way too hard to explain why they kick as much ass as they do.

I knew better. Less is more. I followed with, “I’ll make it real simple. Let me boil Rush down to a haiku.” Pretentious? Without a doubt. Ridiculous? Yes. And yet…

Literary words
Virtuoso musicians
Syrinx gatekeepers

Understand, I’m not much for reading poetry, let alone writing it. However, talking about Rush took me down the dreaded HAIKU RABBIT HOLE. Here are a few more:

Guitar riffery
Ugly workingclass sex songs
Backseat rock and roll

Monster aliens
Crowds bathed in blood and semen
Costumed behemoths

Flower potted heads
New wave synth pop pioneers
Are we not men? Yes!

Here’s one more:

Meet James VanOsdol
Too much free time; unemployed
Never a poet


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