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Holiday savings on Off the Record Collection!

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Thanks for reading. Hope you have a great holiday weekend!


Kindle version now available

…for $1.99. That’s it.

I wanted to make purchasing the book an easy decision to make.  Buy it here!

If you find it in your heart to be so generous, please throw a review up on Amazon for either version of OTRC (paperback or Kindle).

Alice Cooper on the Muppet Show

I reference Alice’s Muppet Show moment in my book, so I thought I’d share this for those who’ve never seen it:

The Self-Publishing Chronicles Part Eleven: CreateSpace’s Customer Service Fail, Errata, and More

Now that I’ve officially released the book, I’m racing to tie up loose ends and move forward:

I’m still waiting for CreateSpace/Kindle to finish formatting the book for Kindle release.  I got this message from CreateSpace/Kindle on 5/19:

Within 3 to 5 business days, we will send you a message that we’re ready for you to provide an ISBN or select a free CreateSpace ISBN for the Kindle version of this title. In order for us to move forward with the creation of your Kindle-Ready files, this step must be completed through your CreateSpace Member Account. If you choose to provide your own ISBN, keep in mind that it cannot be the same ISBN that you used for your paperback book.

Once you provide an ISBN, we will proceed with the creation of your files. This service will be completed within three to four weeks, at which point you will receive your Kindle-Ready files.

3-4 weeks after 3-5 business days? My expectations were shaped by their website ad, which quoted “typical turnaround time” at 2-3 weeks. Check it out:

Please review my book on Amazon!

I’m extremely self-conscious about my self-published authorial debut. So much so, that I’ve started a running list of mistakes.

Thanks for that. You deserve a reward.

Here’s a top-secret code, good for $5 off: L2BWTZ7T Use it before Wednesday with this link.

My book is now available!

I really tried to stick to my initial plan of a June 7 release date so that the paperback edition and Kindle version would be available at the same time.

As of today, the Kindle conversion is moving slowly and word of my book’s availability has been leaking, so…I’m officially saying that Off the Record Collection: Riffs, Rants, and Writings about Rock is a real thing.

Here’s where you can find it:

CreateSpace (an Amazon company) (get $3 off the cover price with discount code DF5K8AAD)


Kindle (coming very soon for a very reasonable price)

If it moves you, please leave a review on Amazon. You can say mean stuff in the review, but do know that such behavior erodes the soul.

To celebrate the book’s release, I’m inviting friends and family to join me at Challengers Comics (1845 N. Western) for a cocktail/beer/reception/signing on Friday, June 24, from 7-10pm. More on that in the weeks to come.

I was interviewed about my book on Haaf-Onion’s site. Read it here.

What’s Off the Record Collection about? Here’s an excerpt from the “official” description:

Off the Record Collection compiles Chicago media personality/author James VanOsdol’s writings about rock and roll in its myriad forms, with special attention paid to classic rock, alt rock, and the dynamic Chicago music scene.

As an active member of the blogging community since 2004, VanOsdol’s turned in a wealth of material about the music he loves, loathes, and simply can’t understand the appeal of.

Included in Off the Record Collection are old blog entries put into contemporary context, never-before-seen material, and content created exclusively for this book’s release.

It’s important to mention/reiterate that this is a completely self-published work. As a result, you may find some errors within. Even though I used the book’s intro to apologize in advance for possible mistakes, I felt the need to acknowledge discovered mistakes in their own post:




Mistakes in OTRC: The list

I’ve made no effort to hide the fact that my book is self-published. In Off the Record Collection‘s introduction, I acknowledge that despite my best efforts, there may be errors (spelling, grammar, and formatting) found within. Astute readers have already pointed some out, and I feel the need to acknowledge them. In the spirit of full disclosure:

I’m having daily panic attacks now about grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Seems like every time I pick the book up, I’m noticing some minor fuck-up or another.

-The A Perfect Circle interview is a disaster. Apparently back in ’03, I hadn’t yet learned that punctuation goes inside quotation marks. Worse, I completely glossed over it while editing the book in ’11 (pages 23, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30).

-Also in the A Perfect Circle interview, I forgot to italicize Mer De Noms on page 23.

-I forgot a line break on page 134.

-One of the last things I wrote in the book was a wrap-up of a wrestling-related wordplay piece. In my writing and proofing, I overlooked the fact that I wrote “couldn’t put it down” and “can’t put it down” really close together. It reads as very sloppy (page 160).

-“…my friends and I.” This is one of my serious grammar mental blocks. Since childhood, I’ve always managed to fuck this one up. If it’s not used as a subject, it’s “my friends and me.” I made that mistake on page 17.

-Page numbering. The numbering on the right side pages should be right-justified. I went through two proofs without catching that.

What does it take to move up 60,000 in ranking on Amazon?

Sell four copies.

Since yesterday, I’ve sold four copies of Off the Record Collection, resulting in a dramatic rank jump from 86,235 to 25,322.  I can’t imagine what will happen once I sell 10 more!