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I spent a couple of hours this morning carving a path out of a mountain of snow.

Now that I’ve caught my breath, I’m sure that I cracked a few vertebrae in the process. There just aren’t enough Motrin to negotiate my way through the remainder of the day,

What would’ve helped is the right playlist, which I’m sharing here with you.  I’m probably missing a bunch (RCHP “Snow” was omitted on purpose), so let me know what you would’ve included.

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds “Fifteen Feet of Pure Driven Snow”

Snow “Informer”

Frank Zappa “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow”

Avantasia “Blizzard on a Broken Mirror” (note: probably not about a weather blizzard, but I wanted to have metal represented on this list)

Okay, more metal…

Dragonforce “Fury of the Storm”

Rolling Stones “Winter” 

Black Sabbath “Snowblind”