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Geoff Tate of Queensryche: a Primer

Geoff Tate from Queensryche joins me later this week on the James VanOsdol show. To prepare you for the interview (as well as for his two area shows at the beginning of May), I thought I’d offer up this Queensryche primer:

“Empire”-Title track from Queensryche’s commercial breakthrough album of the same name.

“Silent Lucidity”-An unlikely top ten hit for Queensryche. A power ballad that transcends the notion of power ballads; epic before the word became a cliche.

“Operation Mindcrime”-80s metal with lyrical substance and musical teeth. The “Mindcrime” album remains a defining moment for the band and for rock concept albums.

“The Lady Wore Black”-Here’s a live version of one of the band’s very first songs, originally heard on their self-titled debut (1982).

“Sliver”-Lead track from the American Soldier album (2009).

“Jet City Woman”-Boot-quality solo performance of the Queensryche song, recorded earlier this year.


Best Songs Ever #8: Iron Maiden “Flight of Icarus”

When I was a kid, I loved reading Greek mythology. It was the blueprint for comic books, which I’d already sworn my undying allegiance to.

The cautionary tale of Daedalus’ impetuous kid Icarus was one that captured my imagination early on. Daedalus made wings out of feathers and wax … and they worked! Well, kinda.

My junior high school mind was blown in 1983 when NWOBHM pummelers Iron Maiden committed the story of Icarus’ doomed flight to song for their Piece of Mind release (still my favorite Maiden album). Metal and mythology combined: it was everything awesome, all in one place.

Great heavy metal makes you physically respond to the music. Legendary heavy metal tells a great story you want to sing or yell along with. I’ve been screaming and yelling along with “Flight of Icarus” since I first heard it in 1983.