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High School Revisited: Quality Time with Todd Sucherman

I can’t look back on high school with anything other than awkward discomfort.

I had a mullet.
My sarcasm was more shitty than funny.
I had a mullet.

Looking back, it’s hard to remember the positives of those four years. I tend to recall only the graceless social moments and wonder how on earth I ever graduated college and became gainfully employed as an adult.

I had lots of friends back then, though I quickly fell out of touch with all of them once high school ended. I suppose I could rejoin Facebook and play superficial catch-up with them all (“You have four kids? Sounds like you’ve been busy. LOL!”), but that’s just not my thing.

The only person from high school who I’ve talked to recently is my interview guest for this week, Todd Sucherman. In addition to graduating with me back in … holy shit, 1987 … Todd’s also the drummer for the Chicago institution known as STYX.

A true professional, Todd never once mentioned what a dork I was back in high school.

Go see Styx (with Nugent and REO) at the Charter One on June 24. Get tickets here.

Here’s Todd in action: