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The Steve Dahl Network

Holy crap. I’m officially part of the Steve Dahl Network, a collective of broadcasters and entertainers who’ve chosen to evolve the concept of radio well into the 21st century.

I’ve been an admirer of what Steve’s been building for a while, and fully believe in the power and potential of the podcasting medium. On a much more personal level, I’m a Dahl fan–have been since I was a kid. One of my earliest radio-related memories comes from when I was maybe 10 or 11 years old. My grandfather wanted to take me downtown for an adventure, and asked where I wanted to go. “WLS,” I said. WLS, home of Steve Dahl and Garry Meier. WLS, the blowtorch AM station that positively fucking owned the midwest. All I wanted to do was look through the window of the station’s fishbowl studio and see Steve and Garry in action.

Ignore for a moment the fact that I probably shouldn’t have been allowed to listen to Steve and Garry at that age. Pay no attention to the fact that my parents should have thought better of hearing me sing along with “Another Kid in the Crawl.” The point I’m trying to make is that Steve’s really the guy who hooked me into radio in the first place.

When my grandfather and I got up to the WLS studios, Steve and Garry were nowhere to be found. They were supposed to be on the air, but they weren’t in the studio.  As we were about to turn around and get back on the elevator, my young self feeling totally dejected, out from the elevator walked Dahl. “Walked” is probably the wrong word. Let’s go with whizzed, or raced. He was in a hurry: talk shows don’t host themselves, after all. Clad in his ceremonial Hawaiian shirt, he offered a “How’s it going?” as he darted by. That was the one and only interaction I had with him until this year. The hiatus was worth the wait.

It’s an thrill to be part of the Steve Dahl Network, and I hope to honor the trust he’s placed in me as a contributor. Out of the box, I’ll be hosting a monthly interview show, not all that dissimilar from what I’ve been doing on my podcast up until this point. It’ll sound sexier and feel bigger, but I think that will have more to do with the Dahl association than anything I do as a host.

My first show hits later this week, featuring actor/musician Paul Adelstein (“Private Practice,” “Prison Break”). Jump on the bandwagon now:



I’ve got some big news …


More details soon.

Kevin Guilfoile-Podcast Interview 1/25/12

This week’s podcast finds me talking with author and humorist Kevin Guilfoile, whose last two books, Cast of Shadows and The Thousand, are can’t-put-’em-down, provocative, ready-for-Hollywood, thrillers.

During the length of the show, we talk about the writing process, publishing, the Gilmore Girls, Chicago culture, parenting, baseball (Kevin worked for both the Astros and Pirates), and the late Wesley Willis (Rock over London, Rock on Chicago!). If that’s not enough enticement, listen to find out what Kevin calls “the most self indulgent, narcissistic, place on earth” (hint: you’ve probably been there).

I loved talking with him–hope you enjoy listening!

And seriously, if you have an idea for the show’s name I’m all ears.


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Martin Atkins: Podcast Interview 1/18/12

This week, it’s musician/author/instructor/label owner Martin Atkins, a guy whose list of credits and accomplishments shame the rest of us.

Martin’s a fascinating, smart, man and his Tour:Smart book is required reading for any artist serious about sustaining a career as a musician.

If Martin’s wisdom about the music industry doesn’t interest you, listen this week for his stories about working with John Lydon in Public Image, Ltd. and playing with Ministry and Killing Joke!

By the way, how does the name “Enough About Me …” grab you for the podcast name?


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Brian Sherman: Podcast interview 1/12/12

This week, I catch up with pal and former co-worker Sherman, who’s been off the air since Q101’s format change in July, 2011. We talk about the state of local media, Steve Tingle, podcasting, the Mars Cheese Castle, and more.


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Michael McDermott: Podcast interview 1/8/12

Michael McDermott is the kind of guy you can’t help but root for. Debuting at the front end of the 1990s with a well-received major label release (620 W. Surf), his songcraft has only improved in the years and decades that have followed.

Most recently, McDermott successfully crowdfunded his next release through Kickstarter, with plans to release the project this summer. Over 30K was raised by 142 people who wanted to see the album come to life. Michael McDermott may not be a household name, but damn it all if his fans aren’t believers.

I never got the chance to interview Michael during my radio days, and I wanted to make up for lost time by having him on the podcast. For those unfamiliar with his music, this album remains a favorite of mine. You may also like “Unemployed,” which is referenced during the interview. That song couldn’t be more timely, despite it being ten years old.

Please give this episode a listen, then take some time to discover (or get reintroduced to) a true Chicago treasure.


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Jerry Bryant of JBTV: podcast interview

The latest episode of my new podcast is up, featuring an interview with JBTV’s Jerry Bryant. We talked about the show’s beginnings, the show’s future, and an awful lot of topics in-between:


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